Goblin Extortion

Happens as part of An Emergency at the Wizards Guild.

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Arranis riding back to the Wizards Guild of his apprenticeship, on account of an emergency, is stopped by a trio of goblins extorting a toll (4PP) to cross a meager bridge.
The Eladrin Wizard, Arranis, is riding in a closed carriage drawn by a single horse, Northward on a dirt road on the East edge of the Sunset Forest, a stone’s throw away from the tree line. Being called back to the wizards academy by a magical letter because of an emergency.

The carriage comes to a bridge, stopping mere feet froma felled tree blocking the path. The goblins keeping the bridge are asking for a 4 PP toll.

There are 3 goblins wielding clubs one is significantly taller than the other 2, but still shorter than Arranis and the carriage driver.

The bridge is rickety and barely wide enough for the carriage to cross. at about 8 ft.

Arranis, sitting forward facing in the carriage, leans out the window and considers his distance from the goblins standing behind the tree. If he were to step out of the carriage he would be 5 squares from the goblins, with the tree interposing.

Halfling Driver 18
Big Goblin 17.?
Horse 17.?
Arranis 14
Goblin Clubbers 5

The goblins did not expect an attack so soon and miss their chance to act. Arranis takes the opportunity to exit the carriage and cast a scorching burst behind them. (3(d20+4)vs REF {6x,11x,18o} 5 damage).

The goblin clubber on the right gives in to the heat and collapses on the spot.

Halfling Driver: takes a full round to calm the horse

The Brute of a goblin rushes up next to Arranis (double move:E,E,E,SE,SW,SW,SW) startled and angry.

Horse: reacts to the scorching burst with fright, remains in control of the driver.

Arranis: shifts SE then (casts Chill Strike)waves his staff as it emits an icy purple glow which then shoots over to the Goblin Brute, striking him in the chest, (22 vs FORT, 20 cold damage, dazed) and the goblin pulls his arms to his body as frost forms on his face and his snot forms icicles on his nose(bloodied).

Arranis then quickly lifts the Goblins floppy cap up into the air, this goblin’s eyeballs tilt up in their sockets to find the cap, but it wafts back over the fallen tree where he ran from.

The remaining goblin clubber throws his club at the horse, hitting it for 2 damage. Then quikly turns arround and runs away (6 squares)

Halfling driver fails to control the horse.

Goblin brute, in a daze, stumbles over to Arranis.

Horse, startled, bolts away taking the carriage with it eastward.

Arranis, with a fey step, appears 5 squares away (NE, NE, NE, NE, N), and points at the Goblin Brute, emitting a beam of white light (19+4+2 vs Fort) and hits it in the legs with a snap (5+4 cold damage and slowed).

Arranis continues to taunt the goblin by using a magical force to remove his snot-ickle and drop it down the back of its neck.

The Goblin now regains composure from the first chill (no longer dazed).

The Halfling Driver shouts out to Arranis, “I’ll come back for ya”, and to the horse, “Whow, Ol’ Nill. Easy, Easy!”

The Goblin Brute, irritated, frustrated, and cold to his bones, takes all his effort to move 4 squares(NE,NE,NE,E) next to Arranis.

The horse and carriage keep moving eastward into the plains.

Arranis takes a careful movement to the north east (shift NE) and a second beam of white light snaps (17+4 vs FORT, hits for 5+4 cold damage and slowed) into the Goblin.

The Goblin Brute, with stiff legs and feet, move up to (N) Arranis, and takes his first swing at him (8 VS AC, miss). Reviewing his circumstances, one fallen and one fleeing ally, escaped carriage, and recognizing the failed highway robbery, he drops his axe in surrender.

Arranis eyes the goblin as he steps away (shift N), and proclaims “Why should I not kill you now? Your race opposes Corellion and Avandra?”

Goblin: “Don’t eat me! I’ll steel food for you instead!”

Arranis responds in disgust “Elves have never, and never will, eat Goblins”, points a finger down at him (11+4 vs FORT), the ray of frost (6+4 cold damage) freezes him stiff (Goblin dies).

Arranis scavenges the fallen goblins, there is bag containing the previous toll taken (40 GP), a short sword, a hand axe, and finds the small leather armor to be useless.

Arranis takes a quick look around to determine if these obstacles are magical. He then sits on the road blocking tree, trying to sense the magic immediately around the tree (6 square radius), as he is interrupted by the halfling returning with the carriage (no magic sensed). Arranis makes the halfling driver wait while he repeats the examination around the bridge (no magic sensed).

The halfing rigs up the horse to the tree and pulls it away.

150 XP for Arranis


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